Basics of Skin Care for All Ages

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Regardless of age, we all need sun protection at all times. UVA and UVB rays are the number one reason for aging. Always use products that contain a SPF, keep skin hydrated, and eat well to give your skin the resources it needs to replenish itself.

Best skincare routine in your 20s:

Adult Acne: One of the number one things that plague young adults are the shifting hormones that cause adult acne. To combat this, wear light makeup, wash your face twice a day, and use products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. You don’t want to over dry your face with these products.

Chemical Peels: To help remove unwanted dead skin and give your pores a break, a chemical peel with a dermatologist could be a good idea. It’ll shrink the oil glands and clear out any junk that is clogging the pores.

SPF: Always wear makeup or moisturizers with 15 SPF or higher. UVA and UVB protection will be the best anti-aging regimen for you.

Best skincare routine in your 30s:

Fine Lines: By your 30s, you’re starting to see those fine lines in your forehead and around your mouth. Find moisturizers with some Retinol A to reverse or prevent the lines from continuing.

Sun Spots: You might start to see some discoloration in certain spots on your face. If it is bothersome to you, go to your dermatologist and talk about options.

Microdermabrasion: One way to eliminate the fine lines and control discoloration is microdermabrasion. This should only be performed by a professional. It removes the top layer of skin, and gives your body the chance to “reset” its skin.

Best skincare routine in your 40s:

Add More Moisture: Your hormones are going through another shift in your late 40s thanks to menopause. This will cause you to experience a few spots of acne and you’ll notice your skin becoming dryer. Use a spot treatment for the blemishes that pop up, but become more aggressive about your moisturizers. Use the creams with Retinol as well as SPF to prevent further aging.

Best skincare routine in your 50s and 60s:

Collagen: You’ll start noticing that gravity is taking over. The collagen in your skin will start to fade, and your skin won’t bounce back as quickly as it used to. You’ll also notice slight sagging in areas. Encourage your skin to regain its youthful spring with PRP treatments from your dermatologist. It will add in circulation to make more collagen and elastin to keep your skin firm.

Retinoids: If you haven’t been using retinoids, now is the time to start. It’ll reverse fine lines and prevent future lines from appearing.

Best skincare routine in your 70s:

Light Exfoliation: Your skin is dry and becoming more fragile. You need to slough off the dead skin, but you need to be careful with how you do it. Use a gentle washcloth and a calming cleanser and move your hands in small circular motions. You don’t want to apply too much pressure. A light wash will help remove any grime as well as remove dry, dead skin to keep a healthy glow.

Heavy Moisturizers: For the evening, you need to be applying a heavier moisturizer to boost your skin’s elasticity. Give it the vitamins and minerals that it needs in your moisturizer to help plump up skin and give it the moisture it needs to rebuild and heal.

You should visit a dermatologist regularly for check ups, even if you don’t have a cosmetic problem that you are concerned about. Starting in your 20s, be examined for potential skin issues and cancers. Continue this practice throughout your life to catch life threatening cancers before they get a chance to develop.

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