Ways to Beat the” Winter Blues”

The winter months can make you feel like you have less energy or even a bit irritable. It’s not uncommon with the colder weather and shorter days. While for some people, this may be a sign of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and may require help from a professional, for others, it’s just a [...]

Must-Watch True-Crime Series

When you have some free time, do you often sit down and watch television? Are you a fan of sit-coms? Do you prefer a good drama? Or, are you a fan of those true-crime series? If true-crime series is your thing, you are in luck. This genre of television is becoming increasingly popular. There [...]

New Year’s Eve Party Foods and Drinks

How are you planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Will you be heading out to party it up? Or will you be having some friends and family over for a night at home? If you’ll be having people over to ring in 2020, of course, you’ll want to plan some activities and things to do. […]

How to Make the Holidays More Affordable

When it comes to the holidays, the last thing you need is additional stress. But shopping during this time of year can definitely bring it on. After all, you may find yourself stressed as you search for the perfect gifts for all of the people on your list. And let’s not forget about the stress [...]

Tips for Buying a New Couch

When it comes to your living room, what’s the most important piece of furniture? Is it your couch? For lots of people, this is the case. After all, it’s a large piece of furniture, and your eye is often drawn to it when you enter the living room.  And, with such a big piece of […]

11 Pumpkin Carving Tips

Halloween is just around the corner and if you love all things Halloween you probably have a house full of candy, and some great costumes picked out to celebrate. You probably have your home decked out with some spooky décor, and you’re now thinking about carving your pumpkin – or [...]

Adding Metal to Your Décor

When it comes to decorating your apartment, what’s your style? Do you like sleek and modern? Do you want your place to look warm and cozy? Or is your taste more eclectic and involves just buying things that you truly love? No matter what your tastes are when it comes to interior design, you can [...]

10 Healthy Snacks for Your Kids

When the kids come home from school, what’s the first thing they want? A snack, of course. And then they start opening the refrigerator and searching the cupboards to find just what they want.  While there are more and more healthy prepackaged snacks available at your local grocery store, [...]

How to Hang Pictures

When it comes to decorating – what’s your style? Do you like modern? Classic? Farmhouse? No matter what your interior design style, you’ll most likely need to hang pictures or artwork on your walls.  You may have been in some homes where the artwork looks good and thought to yourself, [...]

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