How To Prepare Your Kids For College

It’s often said that college is the best four years of your life. There’s a lot of truth to that. It’s your first time out on your own, you’re with a whole community of friends, and you don’t have too many responsibilities yet. But, college can also be a pitfall for some. There are two […]

How to Beat The Heat This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for getting outside, but the heat can make outdoor activities unbearable. When we get too hot things become much more difficult, and in the worst case scenario, our health can fail. The heat will zap your energy quick if you aren’t prepared. Here are six great tips [...]

How Many Calories Should You Actually Be Eating?

Nutrition and diets are always in the commercials. We hear about how obese Americans are, and how to lose weight. But, is any of it backed in science? Even the medical professionals have outdated information on dietary research and nutrition guidelines that have proven results. First and [...]

Summer Bucket List Ideas 2018

Summer is on it’s way and the kids are about to be out of school! It’s time for sun, water, and lots of fun. With the lack of structure each day, you can find yourself in a humdrum lull. Before you hear the words, “I’m bored,” have a few Summer bucket list ideas to do […]

10 Genius Travel Packing Hacks/Tricks

Spring and summer are the seasons for traveling! You’re gathering the family together, and you’re trying to figure out how to pack the most in the least amount of space. Use these 10 genius travel hacks to ease your travels even more. Roll, Don’t Fold: You’ll be amazed at how much space you [...]

Choosing the Right Credit Card For Me

There seem to be thousands of credit cards out there, and they all want you to have their card. Not every credit card company is the same, and one card may be better for you than another. It can be hard to figure out which one is the right one for you. Take a few […]

Treat Yourself: How to Have a “Me Day”

Life is a busy whirlwind that never seems to slow down. Even though work and the family are ever present, carve out time during the month to have a “Me Day.” Devote the entire day to doing thing that recharge you, so that you can come back to all of your responsibilities refreshed and raring [...]

Is It Time To Retire? What to Ask Yourself

You’ve punched your timecard more times than you can count, and you’re counting down the days to retirement. When is the right time to finally pull the trigger and hang your work hat? Age is only and number and it doesn’t always factor into when it’s right to retire. It can be a difficult [...]

How to Start Your Own Garden On Your Balcony

Everyone raves about having fresh food. There’s nothing more fresh than growing your own and eating it right after it’s picked! Apartment living doesn’t mean you have to go without your beautiful and bountiful gardens. You only need to know how to plan to make it happen. After you put your [...]

Pros and Cons of Living With Friends

We’ve all heard the warning–don’t room with friends. Is that true, or are those people pessimists? A lot of it comes down to how you set up the expectations for living together. Be honest with yourself on what you need to live comfortably, and be honest with your friend so that they [...]