History of April Fool’s Day (and a Few Pranks)

When April 1st rolls around each year, tricksters and jokesters have a great time trying to play pranks on people as they celebrate April Fool’s Day. But, do you know where this all started? Read a little bit about the history of April Fool’s Day, and then you can learn a few tricks to try […]

Why We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

We love a holiday that gives us a reason to celebrate. As time has gone on, St. Patrick’s day has lost its meaning to days of partying. It’s fun to wear all of the green, listen to the traditional music, and eat tons of great food. As you gear up to have fun with friends, […]

Is Adopting a Child Right For You?

A number of couples today are delaying or deciding against having children of their own. There are several reasons why, but a big one is because there are already so many children that need loving homes. Even if you currently are a parent, you can add to the family by choosing to adopt a child. [...]

7 Ways to Cultivate Positive Energy

People are magnetically attracted to positive people. They are calm, stable, kind, and full of wisdom. Becoming a positive person isn’t difficult, but it is a way of life. Transform your way of thinking to start putting more positive energy in your life. Appreciation: Once you stop complaining, [...]

4 Fun and Functional Craft Ideas for Adults

Your creative juices are going into overdrive, and you aren’t sure what to get your hands on next. Turn your skills over to a few new household projects that can also serve a purpose in the home. Show off your creative skills and save a few bucks by making your very own DIY crafts for […]