11 Pumpkin Carving Tips

Halloween is just around the corner and if you love all things Halloween you probably have a house full of candy, and some great costumes picked out to celebrate. You probably have your home decked out with some spooky décor, and you’re now thinking about carving your pumpkin – or [...]

Adding Metal to Your Décor

When it comes to decorating your apartment, what’s your style? Do you like sleek and modern? Do you want your place to look warm and cozy? Or is your taste more eclectic and involves just buying things that you truly love? No matter what your tastes are when it comes to interior design, you can [...]

10 Healthy Snacks for Your Kids

When the kids come home from school, what’s the first thing they want? A snack, of course. And then they start opening the refrigerator and searching the cupboards to find just what they want.  While there are more and more healthy prepackaged snacks available at your local grocery store, [...]

How to Hang Pictures

When it comes to decorating – what’s your style? Do you like modern? Classic? Farmhouse? No matter what your interior design style, you’ll most likely need to hang pictures or artwork on your walls.  You may have been in some homes where the artwork looks good and thought to yourself, [...]

Questions to Ask on College Tours

If you have a child thinking about college, you probably have a lot on your plate. You have to make sure your child is registered for the SATs and ACTs. You have to make sure that college essays are being written and that applications are being submitted. And, you have to go visit the colleges [...]

Plan a Family Reunion

Summer brings with it all sorts of events and get-togethers. There are graduation parties for those completing high school or college. There are bridal showers and weddings. There are 4th of July barbecues. And summer is the perfect time for a family reunion. Sunny days and vacations mean that [...]

10 Summer Salads

Who doesn’t love summer? Warm weather and plenty of sunshine are the best. Of course, that may mean you are also extremely busy with kids at camp and helping out at work while others are on vacation. When you come home at night, you might not want a big, heavy meal or something that requires [...]

Summer Self-Care Tips

Many people think of summer as a time to slow down and relax. But more often than not, summer is just as busy as any other season. With kids not in school and work colleagues on vacation, it can be easy to get run down from the everyday stresses in your life.  This summer while […]

Need New Wall Art? Check These Places!

When was the last time you changed up the art on your walls? Has it been the same since…forever? Maybe it’s time to switch things up. It’s easy to overlook your wall art when it comes time to buy things for your apartment. But, changing out your wall art is an easy way to spruce […]

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