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If you are anything like us, then you know it’s impossible to get the day started without a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, since you’re in the same boat as us, then you also know what it’s like to drop $5 on a Venti latte, which adds up to a lot of money each month.

For those that are looking to still get that morning shot of caffeine, but hope to avoid paying the exuberant costs for coffee store prices, there are a lot of home coffee brewing options to consider. Whether you are looking to make an entire pot for the whole family or just a single-serve option for yourself on the go, you’ll be sure to find something that is perfect for your home.

Here’s a look at some of the best home coffee brewing options for your apartment.

Keurig Single Serve Machines

Keurig single serve machines are perfect for those that are always on the go. With these easy to use machines, you simply put in a single K-Cup pod, press the size coffee you’d like, and then wait two minutes while your cup is brewed. Keurigs are ideal because they don’t require any sort of grinding up of coffee beans or long brew times. Once the Keurig is finished, throw the K-Cup pod into the trash and be on your way.

Woman-Drinking-CoffeeCuisinart Coffee Machines

The one downside to Keurig machines is that the aren’t perfect for those that like more than one cup of coffee per day. That’s because you’ll have to load up a bunch of those K-Cups, when you may have been just better off brewing a pot with multiple cups in it.

If you have a family of coffee drinkers, or if you simply just like to drink more than one cup of Joe per day, then consider a Cuisinart coffee machine. Despite the fact that Cuisinart is typically one of the higher-priced coffee machines, you can rest assured knowing that you are investing into a solid piece of equipment that will be a staple in your kitchen for years to come. If you love coffee and enjoy a lot of it, then a Cuisinart coffee machine is your best bet for home brewing options.

Slow Drip Self-Serve

The slow drip self-serve process takes some time, but it’ll have you experiencing coffee in a way like never before. To begin, you will have to slowly grind up the coffee grounds yourself. You’ll also want to bring a pot of water to a boil while you are grinding the beans, so get this started at the same time. Once the beans are ground and the water is ready, put a coffee filter over the opening of a coffee mug. After putting the coffee grounds in the middle of the filter, slowly pour the boiled water over it. Avoid over-pouring, which you’ll known is happening if you get a bubbling at the top of the coffee grounds. But if you time it right, you’ll have a delicious cup of slow drip self-serve coffee that you’ll love.

Whether you are always on the go or a coffee aficionado, there are tons of options on this list to consider for at home coffee brewing options.

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