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With so many other historic areas nearby, Pennsauken is often overlooked amongst those that are visiting the East Coast. However, because of it’s central location, Pennsauken is an ideal location to either visit or call home. From Pennsauken, you can take a short drive over the river into Philadelphia, or head south to explore the rest of the state of New Jersey.

Pennsauken has plenty to offer within it’s own city limits, and even more in the surrounding areas. Here are a few of the best sightseeing options to consider during your time in Pennsauken.

Petty Island

Just north of Pennsauken and in the middle of the Delaware River is Petty Island. In the past, Petty Island was an island for industrial buildings and manufacturers. However, it is now unoccupied. But because it is no longer in use, it can be truly chilling to see Petty Island. It sits between Philadelphia and New Jersey, but it remains silent and unoccupied. Though it may not be as bustling as it once was, Petty Island provides for some great photo opportunities when looking for great sights to see.

Pennsauken Country Club

Polish your clubs and bring your A-game when you come to Pennsauken Country Club. This golf course is a favorite among those living in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as it brings in residents from both sides of the Delaware River. Even if you aren’t into golfing, you can still head over to the Pennsauken Country Club to grab a bite to eat with your family or enjoy a beer while the sun sets over the rolling hills of the 9th fairway. The Pennsauken Country Club is one of the biggest draws in town, so be sure to visit it during your time here.

Von Nieda Park

Liberty-BellThere are so many parks and lakes in Pennsauken that it’s impossible to choose just one to visit. That being said, there is certainly something special about Von Nieda Park, which is arguably one of the most popular in the township of Pennsauken. Von Nieda Park is on a big stretch of land that is just south of the Delaware River. That means the runners reading this can plan a great trip that includes running around the park, down the river, and back to the park, which is a common route for many. Because of it’s location Von Nieda Park is one of the more interesting parks in the country, and it’s worth seeing during your time in Pennsauken.

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is one of the most iconic symbols in American history. And while it may not be directly in Pennsauken, it’s just a short drive over the Delaware River to see this iconic memento. It won’t take much longer to get to the Liberty Bell as it would other sights in Pennsauken, which is why it’s worth the drive across the river.

There are many sights to choose from when visiting Pennsauken, New Jersey. With a unique location that is unlike any other in the country, you can easily see parts of both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Consider starting with the sites mentioned here, and you’ll be sure to find plenty of others during your time in Pennsauken.

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