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In your apartment or home, you may have a small room that you don’t know what to do with. It originally was the “spare room” that absorbed all of the extra things that didn’t have a place in the new space. Now that you’ve cleared it out, you have tons of options with what to do with your newfound space. Here are some fun and creative ways to use that extra space!

  1. fun ways to use a spare bedroomGame Room: Do you love to host friends over for fun game nights? Then have a room just for them! Make it your official game room, complete with board games, chairs, tables, a mini cooler, and video games. Let the fun begin when you get your group of friends together for a evening of laughs. You won’t feel obligated to clean the whole house, and you’ll have the perfect setup every time folks want to come over. You won’t have to drag everything out of the living room and back again to host a fun night.
  2. Craft Room: Do you love to make handmade cards, or do you enjoy making your own jewelry? Those things take supplies, and space to make. If you like being crafty in your spare time, then designate a specific room to keep all of your arts and crafts supplies. Put down a cover on the floors so you’re not worried about spills, and keep all of the little beads and pieces in one location. You won’t have to worry about messes around the house, and you can stay focused on your project while the rest of the family runs around the other areas of the home.
  3. Office: The traditional “at-home-office” is always needed. You need a place to store important documents, and write and send mail. Have a filing system and a desk to keep things functional and neat.
  4. Zen Den: Create a little escape in your own home. Make it your place of relaxation where you go to have your morning coffees in silence. Or maybe this is where you unwind at night without the interference of anyone else. However you want to use it, make it your place of peace. Put plenty of pillows around to make it comfortable, and decorate it with calming artwork that speaks to your soul. Have light curtains to let the natural light come in, and fill it with your favorite color—whatever you need to feel at peace.
  5. Boutique Closet: One of the most coveted features of any apartment or home is a walk-in closet. If you don’t have one, then make your own with your extra room. Set up racks for hangers, arrange a chest of drawers and desks to keep all of your clothes. Have a floor length, three-piece folding mirror, and a vanity station to get ready every morning. You’ll feel like a movie star every day while you get dressed.
  6. Music Room: Are you a musician? Or simply someone who loves music? Then a music room is just the thing for you. Have all of your instruments in one place, play vinyl records, and decorate with your loved musicians. Let it be a space where you feel inspired and get to sit back and take in all of your favorite tunes.

Space is such a coveted luxury in apartments and homes. Make the most of every inch of your living area. However you decide to use that space, make sure it’s something that makes you happy. The cozier it is, the more likely you’ll be inclined to use it.

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