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Summer brings with it all sorts of events and get-togethers. There are graduation parties for those completing high school or college. There are bridal showers and weddings. There are 4th of July barbecues. And summer is the perfect time for a family reunion.

Sunny days and vacations mean that when you plan a family reunion for the summer months, you may have a chance of getting some of your family who lives far away to attend. But don’t delay with the planning. The time to start is now!

  1. family reunionStart Reaching Out to Family: There’s no time like the present to start reaching out to your family to gauge interest in a reunion. This is also a time to ask if there are dates that work better for people and to collect any phone numbers on family members that you don’t have contact information for. The more notice you can give people – even if it’s just a general time frame – the better you can expect turnout to be.
  2. Pick a Date: Next, you need to pick a date. Understand that not everyone will be available on the date you choose, but if you find that a certain date works for the vast majority of the group – go with it. Ask those who can’t make it to send in some pictures or videos so people can see them. Additionally, you can do the same after the reunion with those who missed it.
  3. Choose a Venue: Be sure to find a venue that can accommodate your group. You may have family with a plenty big backyard, and they may be happy to act as host. Or, you can look to go to a park with a pavilion, a lake, or even rent a hall. Having ample space is crucial. You want room for tables and chairs so that people can sit and talk, but also room to walk around and mingle.
  4. Grab Some Helpers: You may be tempted to undertake the planning of the entire reunion yourself, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may be surprised by how many people actually want to get involved. Designate jobs that make life easier for you – like RSVPs or decorations – and stay in touch with one another regularly so that you can ensure things are being completed.
  5. Set a Budget: A budget is important when it comes to planning any party. When it comes to a family reunion, you may want everyone to help contribute to the costs. Be upfront with your family so that they know the expectations. Additionally, recognize that all of your family may not be of the same financial status – so try to be inclusive of everyone. 
  6. Choose Your Menu: If you’re trying to keep costs low, a potluck may work well. Everyone can bring a dish and perhaps the main course and drinks are worked into the budget. Or, if you have more money in your budget, catering may be an option. Whatever you choose, be sure to ask about dietary restrictions and allergies so that everyone has something to eat that they will enjoy.
  7. Plan Some Activities: Of course, there will be a lot of talking and sharing of stories, but that may not be enough to keep the reunion going. Plan some games or activities – especially for children. You might also create a video to show pictures and videos of your family during the reunion. 

Family reunions can be a lot of fun, but they’re also a lot of work. Use some of these tips to help make it a little easier this summer. And enjoy some special time with your loved ones!

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