Best Places to Play a Round of Golf in New Jersey

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If you’re looking for a golf course to play a round with your buddies or simply work on your drive, you’ve definitely got some options to choose from. With dozens of public courses available in New Jersey, you could spend more time trying to decide on a course than actually playing it. Although there aren’t many golf courses that you should try to stay clear of, there are some that you would do well to visit.

Pennsauken Country Club in Pennsauken

If you just need to get a game in, why not go local? Pennsauken has its own country club, the fittingly-named Pennsauken Country Club, which features a full 18 and clubhouse. While others on this list may outshine Pennsauken’s course, it’s still a respectable course at a respectable price. The course is designed for players of all skills and the clubhouse restaurant, Marco’s 19th Hole Bar and Grill, comes well-reviewed, making this a great course for the whole family.

Ballyowen in Hamburg

Ballyowen, an Ireland-inspired course, was rated number one by New Jersey Monthly, and for good reason: the treeless course sports a 360-degree view of the countryside, including the Wallkill River. Those who’ve played the course say that it’s a challenging, yet rewarding course, with some of the longest holes they’ve played. So, if you don’t feel like carrying your own clubs, you’re in luck, as Ballyowen has a caddie service, which they claim to be the only at a public course in New Jersey.

Atlantic City Country Club in Atlantic City

The Atlantic City Country Club is on the pricier side of course rates, but at least you know you’re getting what you pay for. With an ocean breeze carried over the hundred-year course and the Atlantic City skyline off in the distance, it might be a little difficult to concentrate on your game. The club is proud of its history, and you can find a lot just by perusing the clubhouse walls.

Twisted Dunes Golf Club in Egg Harbor

Ask enough people about Twisted Dunes, and you’ll start to hear a pattern: it’s a fun course, but it’s challenging. Make sure you plan a little more than usual and pack an extra set of golf balls, because there’s a chance they’ll end up making a new home in the course’s titular dunes. Designed to replicate the great courses of Scotland, this is truly the Scottish coast brought to the Jersey Shore.

The Architects in Phillipsburg

You won’t find anything new at The Architects Golf Club in Phillipsburg, but that’s kind of the point. The course, which opened in 2001, features courses that are inspired by the design of some of golf’s best course architects. Besides the history you’ll get by playing the 18, be sure to check out the club’s ongoing tribute day series, which focuses one of architect–and one Architects hole–at a time, complete with contents and prizes.

If you’re an experienced golfer, you’ll love the challenges these courses pose and the sights they offer. And if you’re a beginner… you’ll definitely learn a thing or two playing them!

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