How to Beat 4th of July Heat: Cold 4th of July Dessert and Treat Ideas

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The Fourth of July is known especially for fireworks and cookouts, but those aren’t the only ingredients that make for a successful holiday. What’s a good Independence Day party without some colorful, tasty desserts to refresh and cool down your guests? Put the perfect end to the day’s celebrations with these inventive, patriotic dessert dishes.

Watermelon Granita

If you’re in a pinch and you need some dessert quick, some watermelon granita is easy to make and only takes a few hours to freeze. While the base recipe is fairly no-frills, its bright red color will fit right in with the colors of the day. Plus, you can always tweak it slightly with some blueberries and other fruits to give it the extra oomph.

Blackberry Chip Ice Cream

This reddish-blue homemade blackberry chip ice cream will provide the perfect backdrop to your Independence Day decorations. Surprise all your guests by bringing out the ice cream and telling them you’ve made it yourself. Of course, you could just go the easy route and buy some blackberry ice cream from the store – we won’t tell.

Red, White, and Blue Daiquiris

Your guests are probably going to want to want something to drink, so why not impress them with these adults-only daiquiri drinks inspired by the American flag? These drinks will certainly be a more thematically appropriate than a simple beer or cocktail. Despite their appearance, the daiquiris can pack a punch, though how alcoholic they are is really up to you. Make some nonalcoholic ones for the kids and those who aren’t drinking, but be sure not to get the two mixed up.

Fourth of July Milkshakes

There’s nothing quite as American as a milkshake, especially when it’s red, white, and blue. This dessert-y drink is a cinch to prep, but its real effectiveness lies in its presentation. The Fourth of July milkshake is simply a milkshake with layered servings of food-colored vanilla ice cream and some strategically placed starry sprinkles, but boy, does it ever look patriotic! It looks so good, you almost (almost) won’t want to drink it.

Colorful Ice Cubes

While these recipes for flavored ice cubes don’t make the entire treat, they can play a big part in giving your drink its taste. Rather than provide regular old watery ice cubes for your guests, consider spicing up the cold cubes with herbs, syrups–and especially appropriate for Independence Day–some colorful fruits. As for what drinks you should use these fun ice cubes for is up to you, but you’ll probably want something light so you can get the full effect of the colors.

Firecracker Ice Pops

It’s hardly a Fourth of July without some ice pops, especially those of the red, white, and blue variety. Rather than get those artificially flavored cheap-o ones from the supermarket, make your own! It’s easier than you’d imagine, as you can see from this recipe for the ice pops. Perhaps best of all, this concoction calls for only natural ingredients, so you won’t mind as much when you go for a second helping.

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