10 Genius Travel Packing Hacks/Tricks

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Spring and summer are the seasons for traveling! You’re gathering the family together, and you’re trying to figure out how to pack the most in the least amount of space. Use these 10 genius travel hacks to ease your travels even more.

  1. Roll, Don’t Fold: You’ll be amazed at how much space you will save by rolling your clothes tight and packing them like little sausages. It can be more difficult to distinguish which shirt is what, but for the sake of saving space–rolling is the way to go. Fold your shirts into a square, and roll tightly to pack.
  2. Heavy Things To The Bottom: Nothing is worse than fighting with your suitcase through the airport. Balance out your suitcase by putting the heavier items near the wheels. You will also save your clothes from being badly wrinkled from being crushed by the heavier things.
  3. Bags To Separate Dirty From Clean: You’ll want to keep gross shoe soles away from your clean clothes. Pack your shoes in a plastic or mesh bag that you can easily tote with you. As you go on your trip, you can put the dirty laundry in this bag to keep the worn items away from the clean items. This is especially helpful when you have that wet swimsuit that isn’t quite dry before it’s time to go.
  4. Stuff Shoes: Every little inch of space should be used. Shoes can take up a good deal of space, so it only makes sense to make the most of the interior of the shoe. Pack things that won’t hold a smell, like chargers, jewelry, and pill boxes.
  5. Press N’ Seal Jewelry: You want to bring several pieces of jewelry, but you hate it when you have to spend an hour untangling the delicate chains that knot together in a plastic bag. Keep everything in its own separate place by using seran wrap Press N’ Seal. Take the Press N’ Seal sheet of jewelry and pack it in a bigger bag incase anything falls out.
    1. Pro Tip: Put small stud earrings in a button to keep from losing them.
  6. Bobby Pins In Tic Tac Bottle: You buy a large sheet of bobby pins, but you can never seem to find any of them. Don’t let your hair accessories go to waste. Make them easily accessible by storing them in an old Tic Tac bottle.
  7. Liquid Proof Bottles: Even if your lotion is under 3 oz, you still want to make sure that nothing accidentally comes out and ruins your clothes. Liquid proof any bottle by unscrewing the top and putting a piece of seran wrap over the opening. Screw the top back on to keep it locked in. Then, pack it all in a gallon sized bag for extra protection.
  8. Pack By Outfit: The last thing you want to do is dig through your entire suitcase to put together an outfit. You can wrinkle everything that you have for the rest of the trip by not putting things together. Roll your clothes together that you want to wear for one day. That way, you know you have everything that you need.
  9. Pack Medications: Bring a little bag of medications for unexpected things that can happen. A pain killer, allergy medications, pepto bismol, and some bandaids for in a pinch.
  10. Have An In-Flights Go-Bag: Create a separate little bag that will go with you in the airport and on the plane. You’ll want to have a charger for your electronics, some important medications, a toothbrush and deodorant, and your personal identification. If you have room, then you can bring a book or some other form of entertainment.

Now that packing is a breeze, the next thing you need to worry about is where you are going to go! It doesn’t matter how far you go, as long as you have a great time. Book your flight, pack the car, and head out to the great unknown to make some new memories.

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