Summer Bucket List Ideas 2018

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Summer is on it’s way and the kids are about to be out of school! It’s time for sun, water, and lots of fun. With the lack of structure each day, you can find yourself in a humdrum lull. Before you hear the words, “I’m bored,” have a few Summer bucket list ideas to do each week.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride: Check on Groupon or other deal sites to see what is being offered in your area. It’s a wonderful thrill and definitely something to check off of your bucket list. A hot air balloon ride will give you a bird’s eye view of your city. Its a romantic way to spend a day with a loved one, or a fun experience with a close friend.
  2. Sing Karaoke: Maybe you have the voice of an angel, or maybe you need a few drinks to muster up the courage to get in front of everyone. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a great time singing out to your favorite songs. It’s an exciting and fun way to spend an evening. You may even impress yourself.
  3. Run A Race: Give yourself a challenge, and support a cause that you believe in. Find a fundraising 5k, and sign up. It’ll give you a healthy goal to work towards, and you’ll be giving back to a worthy cause.
  4. Go On A Hike: Appreciate the beauty around you by going on a hike with friends or family. Cooper River and Heritage Park are two local favorites that have excellent trails for beginners and more advanced hikers. Pack a picnic or some snacks to enjoy along the way.
  5. Float Down The River: Get a group of friends to hop in the river, get some tubes, and a few drinks to float down the river together. Tie the group in a big circle, and have a cooler of food and drinks while everyone enjoys the water and the sun.
  6. Go To A Baseball Game: It’s a time-honored tradition to go to a baseball game during the summer. Have a hotdog and a beer and root, root, root for the hometeam.
  7. Visit A Historical Museum: Spend time at a local historical site to learn more of the history of your town.
  8. Have A Rooftop Dinner: Go to a rooftop restaurant or find a friend with a rooftop space to have a quiet dinner party while watching the sunset.
  9. Host A Barbecue: Fire up the grill and throw on the hamburgers. It’s time to barbeque! Don’t forget the potato salad.
  10. Take A Road Trip: Choose a place that you’ve never gone, and make a weekend out of it. Or better yet, take a week off of work and plan a full vacation to a new destination.
  11. Watch A Meteor Shower: The nights are warm, which makes for a great time to appreciate the wonders of nature. Look online to see when the next meteor shower is happening, and find a spot away from the city lights to enjoy it.
  12. Go Horseback Riding: Go for a guided tour through a trail on horseback. You’ll learn the basics of how to approach and appreciate these beautiful animals.
  13. Take A Dance Class: Straighten out that second left foot by taking some dance classes. You don’t need a partner to start. Go to the classes and you’ll be paired up. Take a chance by learning something new!
  14. Roast Marshmallows: Summer isn’t complete without a s’more. No matter what age you are, roasted marshmallows are still the best summer dessert. Relive your childhood with extra sticky fingers.

Make the most of your summer by doing as much as you can. Add your own personal ideas of things that you want to do. Work and school are important, but resting and relaxing is also important. It’s these activities that’ll make the special memories that you’ll remember later.

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