Winter Travel Destinations For The Beach Lover

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The winter can be a daunting time of year for those that love the warm weather. Luckily, there are plenty of warm weather travel destinations that are perfect for visiting during this time of year. Not only will you be able to pull out your summer wardrobe, but you’ll love putting your toes in the sand as you enjoy the feeling of warm sun on your skin.

Pack your bags and get ready to warm up, because these are the best winter travel destinations for the beach lover.

Florida Keys

You can have a great winter vacation in a beautiful warm climate, without even having to get on a plane to get to your destination. You’ll find the perfect domestic beach destination in the Florida Keys and you won’t even need your passport to do it. What’s great about the Keys is that there are miles to choose from as you look for a nice area to yourself. Whether you take out a boat and go fishing in Key Largo or head all the way down to the beach in Key West, you’ll love all that the Keys have to offer.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Beach-DestinationsStill considered America, you’ll have to hop on a flight if you want to make it to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Luckily, it’s well worth the short flight as you arrive in one of the most calming environments on the planet during the winter season. More than half the island is preserved as a national park, while small communities and hotel villas are seen throughout the touristy areas. Disconnect from it all and get lost in tranquility as you visit the U.S. Virgin Island this winter.


The temperatures in Anguilla average out at a perfect 83º in the winter, making for the ideal climate for those wanting to bask in the sun. You’ll also love how much sophistication and style can be found on this tiny Caribbean island, as it’s built with modern touches in a traditional community. Anguilla is a cozy and relaxing place to visit, especially if you’re looking for the perfect beach destination this winter.

Puerto Rico

Get ready to fall in love with Puerto Rico, as this may become your new favorite warm weather destination during the bitter cold winters. Like Anguilla, temperatures hover at a comfortable 83° throughout most of January. This is the perfect temperature for playing at the beach or even for just walking around old San Juan. You’ll love all that Puerto Rico as to offer and it won’t take long to realize why this is a favorite amongst snowbirds looking to enjoy warm weather during the winter.

If you miss putting your toes in the sand during the colder months, then a vacation is necessary to get you through the winter. As you look to find the perfect place, consider these as the best winter travel destinations for the beach lover. You’ll get a nice tan, play in the ocean, and recharge your batteries as you enjoy a luxurious vacation at a beautiful destination.

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