Treat Yourself: How to Have a “Me Day”

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Life is a busy whirlwind that never seems to slow down. Even though work and the family are ever present, carve out time during the month to have a “Me Day.” Devote the entire day to doing thing that recharge you, so that you can come back to all of your responsibilities refreshed and raring to go. This shouldn’t be a once-per-month occurrence either. Make part of every day a little slice of “me-time”. Do little things like meditate, exercise, or read to get centered each and every day.

Me Day Rules:

  1. Don’t feel guilty: Ged rid of any feelings of guilt for taking time away from your normal routine to spend time for yourself. You work hard every day, and you deserve to take time off. Plus, once you do, you’ll come recharged and ready to go. You’ll work with more clarity and energy, making it a positive thing for everyone.
  2. Know what your heart’s desire is: What have you been longing for? Is it a day on the beach with no kids? Or maybe it’s that beautiful new bag that just hit the shelves. Whatever it is, choose one or two things, and let yourself have it.
  3. Don’t Cook: Unless cooking is your way of relieving stress, you shouldn’t be cooking. Order in, or go out to eat at a favorite restaurant to save yourself the chore of cooking and cleaning the kitchen.
  4. What Diet?: Consider it a cheat day. Eat the cupcake with a smile on your face. Give yourself some wiggle room in your diet to eat the things that you normally don’t. Enjoy a big bowl of pasta guilt free. Eat whatever dish is your favorite to warm the heart and comfort the soul.
  5. Don’t Clean: Again, unless scrubbing grout is your way of having fun, then don’t pick up a sponge all day. Cleaning and chores will always be there. Don’t let those little things bother you. Enjoy the day and soak up the time you get to spend by yourself or with loved ones. Let the dishes pile up. Today you don’t need to worry about it.
  6. Get your partner on board: When you have a family, you can’t completely step away from all of your duties. Make sure your partner is aware of your “Me Day” so that they know what daily activities they need to cover. The main thing is making sure the kids are taken care of and the pets are all fed.
  7. Coordinate with Friends: Get your friends on board with having a “Me Day” too. Then you all can coordinate your “Me Day”’s so that you can spend time with each other. Go out for brunch, get pedicures, or enjoy a bike ride together. Spend time with friends that you love and reconnect while relaxing. It’ll be a great experience for everyone.

After your “Me Day”, maintain your self-care by keeping up with little “me things” throughout the week. Take an extra long bath, or have a glass of wine with dinner. Do the things that make you happy. Life is about enjoying the little things. Once you have your “Me Day”, don’t forget to switch off with your partner so that they can have their “Me Day” too!

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