Prepare Your Body For The Colder Weather & Prevent Sickness

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Although winter is a season that many look forward to, it can also be dreaded from a health perspective. Winter is known as the cold and flu season because it is during this time of year that many become sick.  No one wants to use up all of their sick days at work just from one lingering flu or cold.  

For many, Nyquil and mental preparation is the key to combating the cold days.  However, there are also other good habits you can pick up on in order to stay sniffle-free during the winter season.  Rather than getting sick and trying to find ways to feel better, focus on what you can do to reduce your chances of getting sick.  Here are some ways that you can prepare your body for the colder weather and prevent sickness.  

Exercise Regularly

You may feel the urge to get cozy on the couch, after you were just outside in the snow.  However, if this is taking away time that you could be exercising, then you may want to reconsider the couch.  Exercise is proven to boost the immune system and help your body fight off diseases.  So get your exercise first, then the couch is all yours.  

Focus on Stress Relief

One of the main reasons why stress relief is important is because our psychological stress is connected to our physical health.  When the body is under a lot of stress, it has a harder time regulating inflammatory responses to viruses and bacteria.  That is why it is common for someone to be chronically stressed and sick at the same time.  

Get Your Rest

If you want to maintain a healthy body and immune system this winter, then getting adequate sleep is important.  It is highly recommended to get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, depending on what makes you feel your best.  Giving your body enough rest will enable it to function properly and fight off any bacteria.  

Don’t Become Too Dependent on Vitamin C

You may begin to feel sick, and then overdose yourself with vitamin C.  Rather than shocking your body with a sudden extreme dose of vitamin C, try relying on a healthy diet.  If you’re eating nutrient-dense foods, all of your important vitamins, including vitamin C, will be included.

Eat Your Chicken Noodle Soup

This go-to comfort food can really help you stay healthy.  Eating comfort food, like chicken noodle soup, actually helps the body respond to inflammation.  Also, the soup’s warmth will speed up the movement of any mucus through the nose, helping relieve any congestion.

Don’t Forget About Water

It is so easy to forget about hydrating, especially when it’s cold outside.  However, keep in mind that staying hydrated can help reduce your risk of an infection.  Drinking water plays an important role to our bodies.  Water is known to lubricate mucous membranes, which makes it harder for germs to cling on.

Always Wash Your Hands

The best way to avoid spreading or getting a flu or cold is to simply wash your hands frequently. All you need is soap and water.  For 20 seconds, thoroughly wash your hands, scrubbing off all the germs from your skin.

Although the colder weather is coming, it doesn’t mean that you have to get sick. Develop these habits to keep your body healthy. Simple habits such as getting enough rest, maintaining a healthy diet, and remembering to wash your hands, can be your ticket to having a healthy, sick-free winter!

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