How to Prepare to Golf Again After a Long Winter Off Course

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It’s been a long winter, especially if you’re a golf fan. But while you’ve been marking the days off the calendar until you can hit the green again, your skills have been getting undoubtedly rusty. If you haven’t been practicing during the offseason, chances are that your game is going to be a little off. It’s time to dust the cobwebs off the golf set and start getting in shape for this summer of golf outings.

Start Working on Your Swing

It all starts with the swing. No matter what approach you take to the golf swing, there’s no question that you need to get your body back into the habit of driving balls. Going to tee up after being away from the game for months is like running a marathon without stretching–you’re going to have a bad time. Similar to a good stretch, your body needs to get readjusted to the motions of your swing.

The good thing about practicing your swing is that you don’t need to be on the fairways to do it. As long as you have at least one club, you can practice in your home, at a nearby park, or even at the office. Just be sure to mind your coworkers! If things are feeling extra off, have a look online for video tutorials that will help you get your form back on track.

Hit the Driving Range and Putting Green

Once swinging starts feeling a little more natural, you’ll want to put it into practice. Although you might be excited and ready to hit the holes ASAP, you’d do well to get some practice in on the driving range and putting greens. After all, a good swing doesn’t necessarily make a good drive.

Just as you would when practicing your swinging form, practicing on the range will allow you to fine-tune your skills. Best to iron out these little details in practice than hold up other players on the course–or look ridiculous in front of those playing with you! You’re not going to know if your practice swing sends balls slicing into the woods, so it’s best to have that sorted out before you tee off.

Head to the Course

As much as hitting balls down the range or putting on the practice green may help you get reaquainted with the motions, they won’t replicate the slopes, hills, and rough patches that you’ll encounter on the course. That’s why it’s good to get at least one course practice in before you consider yourself ready for the summer.

Nothing is stopping you from hitting the course alone, but golf is always better with some friends, especially when you’re playing a low-key, no-stakes game. Consider getting some friends together for a non-judgmental practice game of golf to get everything back up to speed. There’s a good chance they’ll be rusty, too.

Remember, it will take you some time to get back into the swing of things. It’s a perfectly natural thing, so don’t be discouraged by your softened skills. Practice makes perfect, and if you work at it, you’ll be back in your prime and, hopefully, better than last year.

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