Budget-Friendly Hacks to Spruce Up Your Apartment

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You’ve probably been spending more time at home these last few months. And with that being the case, you may have been thinking about how you can spruce up your place – but not have it cost a fortune. 

The good thing is that updating your home decor and not spending a lot of money doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive of each other. You can bring some updates to your space just by making some simple changes and spending a little money – and here’s how!

  • Pillow Covers: Throw pillows are great, but they’re not cheap. The good thing is, once you have some throw pillows, you can always purchase new pillow covers or even DIY some new ones. If you don’t want to DIY, Amazon has TONS of choices. You can also hit stores like TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshall’s. 
  • Create Your Own Art: Changing up your art is an excellent way to make a big impact on your decor. Gallery walls, large statement pieces, and gorgeous photos will definitely catch your eye – but it can be expensive if you have to go buy these things at a store or online. So how can you do these things on a budget?
    • Buy a canvas – If you want a big piece of art on your wall, then head to the craft store, buy a blank canvas and channel your inner artist. You may think you have no artistic skills, but go for modern art or geometric art – and you’ll create something spectacular.
    • Use your photos – Do you have a bunch of great photos just sitting on your phone or thumb drive? It’s time to print them and frame them. Photos are inexpensive to print at any of the numerous online sites, and you can pick up cheap frames at the dollar store.
    • Print photos available in Creative Commons – What if you have no artistic ability and you don’t have any photos you think are worth framing? Then head to the Creative Commons space and print photos that photographers have shared. You’ll find some amazing images!
  • Plants: Plants can definitely change the look of a space. If you have some patience, start with small plants and let them grow and fill your space. You can also ask friends who have plants if they have any “babies” they’d be willing to share with you. There are also several online sites selling plants at discount prices
  • Rugs: Tired of your current flooring? Then look to get some area rugs. Check Facebook groups and local thrift shops for rugs or buy them at any of the numerous online places that are surprisingly affordable.
  • Play with Texture: Take a look around your apartment and notice the fabrics you’re using? Are they all the same or very similar in nature? Then it’s time to add some texture. Think about suedes, leather, velour, silk, faux fur, rattan, velvet, different woods, and textured cotton. 
  • Colorful Accessories: If you have a neutral color palette, you may be wondering how to add some pops of color? And the way to do that is with accessories! Think about your pillows, throw blankets, knickknacks, and tchotchkes. These small details can go a long way to creating a space you love – and you can often find them at thrift shops and garage sales.
  • Move Your Furniture: When was the last time you rearranged your furniture? It’s probably been a while. Yet, this is a free way to revamp your decor. All it takes is a little time and muscle!

Are you ready to give your home a little winter sprucing up? Then use these tips to change up your decor and keep it budget-friendly! 

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