Best Traffic Apps For Your Commute

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Have you ever thought about the amount of time that you spend behind the wheel each year? While an hour each way on your way to and from work may seem normal, that adds up to be nearly 10 days of your life just sitting in a car when you add it all up.

You have better things to do than just sit around in your car all day. Therefore, here are some of the best traffic apps for your commute. Not only will they help you shave time off your commute, but they may also help you avoid accidents, roadwork, and other issues along the road as well.


Waze is a personal favorite and one that has been around for quite some time. What’s really great about Waze is that the company approached this app as a social media platform, which allows users to share information between one another while on the road. Waze also monitors traffic conditions and reports on accidents, weather, traffic stops, and more. When you add in the fact that it also provides voice-over directions, it’s most certainly an app that you’ll want to make sure you have on your phone.


If you plan on hitting the road for an extended vacation, then iTraffic is likely going to be the best option to consider. This specific app provides you the best routes to take when going on a trip, and it’s 99¢ price tag is well worth it when you consider the amount of money that you’ll save on gas. iTraffic is also great because it’s one of the few apps out there that also works well overseas.

Beat The Traffic

Another app that will help you avoid sitting in traffic is Beat The Traffic. If you are someone that takes the same route on a regular basis, then you’ll find that Beat the Traffic is perfect for your needs. This app lets you save three routes, so that you can also find the quickest way possible. In addition, Beat The Traffic also helps drivers stay focused on the road with alerts for potential traffic concerns.

USA Traffic And Weather

What might be equally as important as the traffic? That could easily be the weather. That’s why it’s great to see USA Traffic And Weather as a fully packaged product that will provide all of the information that drivers are looking for. USA Traffic and Weather is 99¢ in the app store, but you’ll get tons of information that will help you on your commute. In addition, updated weather reports and push notifications will help you and your family avoid potentially dangerous weather conditions.

Nobody wants to sit and traffic for more than they have to. So if you are looking to avoid the time you waste on your way to work, consider these best apps for your commute to work. You’ll save so much time, who knows what you’ll end up doing with it.

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