7 Ways to Cultivate Positive Energy

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People are magnetically attracted to positive people. They are calm, stable, kind, and full of wisdom. Becoming a positive person isn’t difficult, but it is a way of life. Transform your way of thinking to start putting more positive energy in your life.

  1. Appreciation: Once you stop complaining, and start appreciating, your entire world view will change. You will no longer see yourself as the victim, and will be able see the good in your life. This doesn’t mean that you should put up with unacceptable behavior from others, but rather, you should learn how to be content. Enjoy the things that you have instead of always looking at what someone else has. Be happy with your life, and appreciate the things and people that are a part of it.
  2. Put Others First: Start thinking of how you can give back to others. Consider how your actions impact others, and do what you can show others respect. Look for ways to help others out without being asked to do it. If you see someone struggling to bring in groceries, offer to help, and at the least, hold the door open.
  3. Forgive: The people who are the closest to us, and usually the ones that hurt us the most. If that person comes to you and sincerely asks for your forgiveness, do what you can to forgive them. It’s less about your words, and more about the feelings that you harbor. Don’t hold resentment over them, and keep bringing it back up years later. Understand that everyone makes mistakes. Look at yourself too and see if you were at fault too, and make amends where you need to.
  4. Be Honest: Don’t lie if you are feeling hurt. Let the other person know how they affected you, but still use kindness when confronting them. Be honest with others and live an honest life. Most importantly, be honest with yourself. Know who you are and why you want the goals you’ve set in place. Be true to yourself even if others may not support it at first.
  5. Set Boundaries: Know your limits. Know what you will allow to be said to you, and what you won’t. Know how much you can give, and when to say ‘no’. You should put others first, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your own happiness in the process.
  6. Refuel: Take time everyday to center yourself and refuel your mind. Do an activity, talk with a friend, or meditate every day to give yourself the energy your soul craves. You can’t keep giving to others if there is nothing left in you to give.
  7. Connect: Life is always better with other people. Connect with loved ones by spending time with each other, asking serious questions, and showing them how much you love them. As you give back to someone else, you’ll receive tenfold back to you.

If you put positive energy out, you will get positive energy back. You’ll see doors open up to you, you’ll connect with more quality people, and you’ll have more peace throughout the day. Be content with who you are and what you have and love others around you to keep the positive energy flowing.

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