Top 7 Best House Pets

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When it comes to having a pet, deciding on the right pet is important. Not all pets make good house pets; some pets require a lot of space, or frequent trips outdoors.  If you have kids, selecting a pet that is child or family friendly is mandatory. Make sure you select the right pet for your household. Here are the top ten best house pets:

  1.  Dogs

It’s surprising that these household pets evolved from wolves! However, there’s a reason why a dog is known as a “man’s best friend.” If you’re looking for a companion to go on walks with, and take to the park, then get a dog. Also, part of what makes dogs the best house pet is that they can easily be taught house manners.

  1.  Cats

Although cats are not as domesticated as dogs are, they do make great house pets.  This is primarily because cats are very clean. If your family is always busy, and doesn’t have time to constantly walk a dog, then a cat would be the best bet. The nice part about owning a cat is that you don’t have to go on walks. Another reason why cats make great house pets is because they can sit on laps!

  1.  Rabbits

Rabbits make great house pets because they are small, cute, and fluffy. Because of their small size, children absolutely love holding a rabbit. Also, many think it’s cute being followed around the house by their rabbit. These cute house pets do not require a lot of maintenance either.

  1.  Hamsters

If you’re looking for an affordable and low-maintenance house pet, then a hamster would be the best bet. Although hamsters do make great house pets, they are not as ideal if there are children under the age of 6 living in the household. The reason for this is primarily because hamsters may bite. However, as long as you don’t approach a hamster with hands smelling like food, then you’ll be just fine.

  1.  Lizards

Lizards are considered as one of the best house pets for quite a few reasons. First and foremost, they are extremely low-maintenance. Some breeds of lizards don’t even have to be fed daily! Lizards are also fun to look at, and have neat patterns on their bodies. From the bearded dragon, to the leopard gecko and Chinese water dragon, there are plenty of neat lizards to choose from.

  1.  Birds

Birds make ideal house pets simply because they are cost-effective and very easy to take care of. Birds make great starter pets because they are very social, but don’t require as much attention as dogs. Some breeds are even entertaining, and will perform small tricks, including talking and playing dead!

  1.  Fish

Owning fish is for those that do not want to invest too much money or time into a pet.   Fish make great house pets because they are fun and relaxing to watch. It also helps that they come in many different breeds and colors. Kids have a blast with picking out their fish pets.

The best house pets come in different styles, shapes, and colors. Depending on which pet you choose for your household, the time and money spent will vary. Although having a rabbit may be completely different from having a dog, one thing these pets have in common is that they both make great house pets!

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