Tips for Buying a New Couch

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When it comes to your living room, what’s the most important piece of furniture? Is it your couch? For lots of people, this is the case. After all, it’s a large piece of furniture, and your eye is often drawn to it when you enter the living room. 

And, with such a big piece of furniture, it’s definitely an investment. You want it to be comfortable and attractive – and you want it to last. If you’re in the market for a new couch, here are some things to look for that will help you find a good one. 

  • Check the Size: You may have a good idea as to what you want when it comes to color and fabric, but the size is a really essential factor when choosing your couch, sofa, or sectional. You want to select a couch that fills your space but doesn’t overwhelm it. Be sure you take accurate measurements of the space you have available and check the width and length of your couch. You’ll also want to make sure you’re leaving adequate space for a coffee table and end tables if they are part of your living room furnishings.
  • Invest in a Sturdy Frame: Are you someone who comes home and casually throws themselves on the couch? Then you want to make sure your couch has a sturdy frame. Frames made of particle board or plastic may not hold up as long as you would like and might have you purchasing a new couch sooner rather than later. 
  • Check the Arms: The arms are another area of the couch that you should check. You want to make sure they are tightly attached to your couch and don’t give if you lean on them or gently sit on them. 
  • Feel the Padding: You want to buy a couch that’s well padded. That means when you touch the corners and arms, you should not feel the frame. If you can feel the frame, you may find that your upholstery wears much quicker.
  • Test Any Mechanisms: If you are buying a sleeper sofa or a sofa with a recliner (manual or electric) make sure you test it. You want it to be smooth and easy for you to operate. 
  • Pick Upholstery That Works for You: Will your couch be heavily used? Do you plan on eating in your living room while sitting on your couch? Do you have children? All of these things should be taken into consideration when choosing your upholstery. You may want to look for fabric that’s spill-resistant or tear-resistant.
  • Make Sure It’s Comfortable for You: Have you ever bought a piece of furniture and found that while it looks beautiful, it just doesn’t seem comfortable? Maybe the seats aren’t deep enough. Or, perhaps it’s just not comfortable when you lay down. If you are going to use your couch a lot, make sure it fits you. Take some time to sit on the furniture and test its comfort.
  • Make Sure It Fits: Like that episode of “Friends” where Ross repeatedly yells, “Pivot! Pivot!” – you want to make sure you can get your new couch into your apartment. Be sure to make sure it can fit up any stairways, elevators, or through doorways as needed. 

The next time you head out to buy a sofa, use these tips to help you be prepared. You’ll soon be relaxing on your new couch and, hopefully, enjoying a fabulous piece of furniture that is comfortable and will last a long time. 

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