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Capturing the moment is now easier than ever, thanks to the high quality camera that most people have built within their smartphone. Thanks to the popularity of taking, sharing, liking, and commenting on pictures, it’s easy to see why the camera may be one of the most important parts of the phone. However, just because you may have a camera on your phone doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to always get the best picture possible. When you start to look back at your camera roll and notice more bad pictures than good, then you’ll realize that you need to start taking better pictures.

Luckily, taking better photographs with your smartphone can be easy. It doesn’t take thousands of dollars in classes or even a top-of-the-line phone with the best-in-class camera. Instead, here are some smartphone photography tips that anyone can benefit from.

Smartphone-PhotographyGet Plenty of Light

One of the biggest factors that goes into image quality is the lighting. Not enough lighting for a picture and the entire image will look distorted. On the other hand, have the right amount of light and you can turn any image into a snapshot that you’ll never forget.

To maximize your lighting, always shoot your images away from the light source. For example, take a picture away from the sun and let the light shine on your medium. You’ll notice when you look at the picture that there are more details that can be seen, thanks to the placement of the lighting when you took the photograph.

Whether it’s the perfect selfie or a picture of your favorite monument,  getting the right amount of light will help your photos look better than ever.

Get The Right Distance

The distance between you and your medium will have a big impact on the quality of the final image. Get too close to what you’re photographing and you’ll notice that you aren’t able to encapsulate the entirety of the moment. Then again, being too far away will cause you to minimize the value what it is that you are photographing. Play around with distances as you take photographs with your smartphone and you’ll notice a big difference once you find the sweet spot for your device.

Pro Tip – Instead of zooming in, crop your images once you snap them on your camera. Cropping will help you control the image more, without losing distortion in quality. While you’re cropping, you can also take the time to edit the brightness and other elements of your image.

Have The Right Phone

Finally, make sure that you know what sort of phone you are working with. While even the most modest phone can still take pretty decent photos, there are some smartphones that specialize in picture taking capabilities. Knowing what your phone can handle and how to maximize the specifications you’ve been given will make for better photographs each time you snap an image.

Taking great photos on your smartphone is easier than you think! Consider the tips here the next time you open your camera app and you’ll notice better images of the memories you create.

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