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Do you feel like your apartment is lacking in the design department? Want to give it a little refresh? While interior design can be intimidating to someone who doesn’t know much about it, there are some simple tricks that will make all the difference. Why not give one (or more) of these a try?

  • Change out your furniture: Furniture is a great way to start sprucing up your apartment. If you’re on a budget, visit some second-hand stores or check online for hidden gems. You can find really beautiful things at these places if you do the leg work necessary.
    • Another option would be going online and shopping from home goods websites like Wayfair or Overstock – both of which offer discounted prices year-round.
    • Furniture is great because you can bring in a different color or fabric and really change up your space.
  • Choose colors wisely: When it comes time to decorate with color, try choosing more neutral tones such as white, gray, tan/beige, etc., rather than bold colors like red and purple. These types of colors will help you achieve a more polished look in your apartment, rather than the wilder colors that tend to bring attention to a room’s flaws.
    • You can use neutral color schemes when it comes time to decorate with paint as well. If you’re on a budget, painting just one wall in each room is another way for sprucing up an otherwise drab place without breaking the bank. 
    • You don’t need to spend money on expensive art prints either. Check local thrift shops or just print out some photos from online and frame them instead. 
    • When you’re ready to bring in some pops of color, look to do it with accessories. Adding pops of color with pillows or other pieces is a great way to bring in contrast without going overboard.
  • Mix and match styles: Don’t be afraid of adding something new to your home. You can mix design styles such as modern and farmhouse or boho and rustic. Your style should always be a reflection of what you love.
  • Think small to make a big impact: If you’re on a budget and can only afford small things like lamps or end tables, then that’s okay. These smaller items make all the difference in terms of how your apartment looks when guests come over.
  • Take a look at your walls: The walls are another important aspect when decorating an apartment—even more than people tend to realize. Great artwork, shelves, sculptures, and other items can really add to your home’s look.
  • Throw/Area rugs: Another way to transform your space would be by investing in some area rugs on either side of your bed, living room couch, etc., as these can really make even an otherwise drab place come alive. In terms of price, these tend to run on the lower end compared to other items in a decorating budget – but they provide a lot of style.
  • Add personal touches: The final step is simply adding personal touches—the things that make your apartment feel like home and not just some generic space you bought from an online retailer. Photos of family and friends are a great way to do this! Scatter pictures throughout your home. (And if you don’t have enough frames – check your local thrift shops!)

Transforming your space doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You can make your place look stylish all while sticking to a budget – just use these tips to help. 

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