Pros and Cons of Living With Friends

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We’ve all heard the warning–don’t room with friends. Is that true, or are those people pessimists? A lot of it comes down to how you set up the expectations for living together. Be honest with yourself on what you need to live comfortably, and be honest with your friend so that they understand how they can live peaceable with you.


  1. You already know each other: It’s easier when you’re living somewhere new to have a familiar face around. You already know each other, and you know each other’s humor, likes and dislikes, and living habits, which makes the adjustment a little easier.
  2. You enjoy hanging out: You’re friends for a reason. You don’t just know each other–you like each other’s company, which is even better. You have inside jokes, favorite movies, and you can be weird and it’s ok. It’s a relaxing feeling that you know when you walk in to your new home that you’ll be greeted with a friend’s face who will make you laugh. It can be awkward living with someone that you don’t know or don’t get along with because every time you go home it’s another stressful event. Home should be a place where you can be yourself, and when you live with a friend, you can be exactly who you are.
  3. Similar friend group: The best thing about having your friend as your roommate? You already like all of their other friends. It can be extremely tense when you have a new roommate, and you have to live with several new people that you don’t get along with. You could even meet a few new people that your roommate is friends with to expand your friend group. It’s hard meeting new people, and having someone that you already connect with to introduce you can grow your friend list.


  1. It can be hard to be honest when things get hairy: Sometimes things need to be approached is a business-like manner and lines can get crossed when you are friends. Instead of coming at problems pragmatically, emotions can get in the way and feelings can get hurt. Then all of a sudden, there’s tension between you two, and you can’t figure out why. It’s important to set the groundwork for an open and honest relationship for everything. Before things become an issue, lay out things that are important to you. Even if you think it’s obvious, you should still say it. It may not be obvious to the other person.
  2. A great friend doesn’t mean they make a great roommate: Sometimes we have friends for different reasons. Someone can be the life of the party and make you laugh like you never have before, but they aren’t the best at paying the bills. It’s hard to keep a good relationship with a roommate when they don’t hold up their end of the bargain. The friendship can make things seem more relaxed for the other person, meaning that more responsibility falls on you.
  3. Tension of making new friends: It’s bound to happen–someone is going to make a new friend. Maybe you won’t like them, which can make things even worse. All of a sudden, you’re old friend now has a new best friend, and feelings get hurt. Life pulls us all in different directions, and just because you’re living in the same location, it doesn’t mean that you are connected. You have to put in effort to spend time with one another to keep the connection alive.

Listen to one another and respect each other’s personal space and things. Your friend doesn’t always have to hang out with you, and you don’t have to always hang out with your friend. But, when you do, you can have the best time ever. It’s so nice to walk home and see a happy friend smiling back at you!

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