Making Friends as an Adult

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Do you have a few good friends? Or have you found that certain friends have moved on, and maybe you just haven’t found new friends to connect with? 

It happens.

And making friends as an adult can seem really difficult – even overwhelming at times. With a family, a job, and other activities that take up your time – it can seem almost impossible to find new friends.

But it isn’t. You just need to make a little bit of an effort! You might be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to meet people and develop friendships – even as an adult.

  • Reconnect with Old Friends: Friendship definitely ebbs and flows through the years. As people enter different stages in their lives, they may feel like you’re not connected anymore. But it doesn’t always have to be like that.
    • If you enjoyed a past friendship, why not reach out to that person now and reconnect? You may find that you are both at a similar point in your life, and reconnecting is easy, and you can pick that friendship up where you left off.
  • Try New Activities: Do you do the same thing all the time? Then it may be time to branch out and try something new. A new hobby or that side hustle you’ve always wanted to get off the ground could be the launching point for new friendships. Plus, you get to learn something new – which is a great way to engage your brain.
  • Take a Class: Taking a class is a great way to meet new people and make friends. You can look and see what your local colleges are offering or check out online classes. Additionally, if you’re not looking for a formal class, think about taking classes related to hobbies – such as cooking, sewing, and technology, for example.
  • Ask for Help: Do you need help with something? Then ask for it! You can get help from experts in the area you need and meet people at the same time.
  • Use Social Media: You may not think that social media is a way to make “real” friends, but if you get involved with local groups via social media, you may find that you establish real relationships with people. Don’t dismiss friendships that start on platforms such as Facebook. 
  • Try an App: There are apps for just about everything – including making friends. Women’s Health has put together a list of 10 apps that can help – so why not download a couple and give it a whirl?
  • Start a Group: Not meeting people who have the same interests as you? Then create your own group! Want to find a group of runners who aren’t the speediest? Put it out there! Looking to find like-minded people who enjoy trying new coffee shops? Create a group! Meetup is a popular platform for doing this, but here are six other sites you can try, too
  • Accept Invitations: Be open to accepting invitations. That invitation could be from someone just like you looking to make new friends.
  • Check Your Regular “Haunts”: Do you have a couple of places you go to often? The gym? A certain coffee shop? Church? You probably see the same people at these places – so why not reach out to them? Don’t be afraid to share your number and send a text message to connect.
  • Have an Open Mind: Not everyone you meet is going to be your “cup of tea,” – but be open to meeting new people. Finding a new friend is a lot like dating – and you may need to go on several “dates” to find the right friend.

Ready to take the plunge and find a new friend or two? As an adult, you may think it’s going to be a challenging process, but when you follow these tips, you may find your new BFF faster than you think!

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