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In a world full of designers who gravitate to neutral colors and minimalism, where’s a person who loves color supposed to go for inspiration? What if you like your home to be filled with bright blues and sunshiney yellows? Can you find homes filled with something other than black, white, and gray? Yes!

Thankfully, there are still lots of places you can check out if color is your thing. All you need to do is head over to Instagram and follow some of these great accounts to see some amazing images filled with all the colors of the rainbow.

  • @_sare_xo – Sarah Caliguiri: Sarah Caliguiri loves taking small spaces and filling them up with color! You’ll enjoy looking around her own home and seeing how she elevates her boho look with colors and prints that don’t disappoint. She’s definitely not afraid to mix and match all sorts of colors – and it works!
  • @acolorstory: While this Instagram is not strictly about color and interior design, you can certainly be inspired by the pictures shared here. Be sure to check out the Color Story app, too.
  • @thejungalow – Justina Blakeney & Co.: The Jungalow has been an inspirational Instagram page for a while – and for a good reason. It’s got a great bohemian-jungle feeling to it – and the colors are amazing. There’s also a webpage where you can purchase much of what you see – and feel good about what you’re buying. With every purchase you make at, two trees are planted. 
  • @candycoloredhome – Katie Mack: Katie loves the boho look, but as she says, it’s more retro in feel. The colors are a bit more muted, so if you don’t love the overly bright look – then this page is for you. 
  • @eclectic_twist – Tina Bousu: Tina Bousu bills herself as a “maximalist” – which one can only assume is the polar opposite of minimalist. She has a home full of color and whimsy and a giant flamingo art piece that she’s named Francis. Just try not to be inspired by her home! It’s impossible.
  • @mango_manor – Kelli Collins: Kelli lives in Florida, and her home has a beachy-boho vibe to it – which, of course, means there are a lot of colors and a great mix of prints. If you dream of having a bright and airy space with a tropical look to it – Kelli can help.
  • @katie_kime – Katie Kime: Prints are Katie’s thing, and this page showcases some extraordinary ones! Katie has her own website where she sells wallpaper, art prints, and home decor that you can bring to your own place. 
  • @thecolourtribe – Tash: Tash lives in an 80’s home that she’s updated with color – and it’s fantastic. If you want color, but still want to keep some classic wood or brick elements in your space – then Tash may inspire you. She seems to have found a way to mix bright and classic!
  • @studioten25 – Abbe Stanton Fenimore: Abbe is a “color and pattern loving interior designer,” and her Instagram page showcases just that. Scroll through to find lots of inspiration.
  • @tiltonfenwick – Tilton Fenwick: If you think wallpaper is out – then check out Tilton Fenwick. They’ll convince you otherwise. 
  • @littlebigbell – Geraldine Tan: Color is all throughout Geraldine Tan’s home, and you can see it all on her Instagram. And if you want to learn more about her design style and how she chooses items for her home, you can visit her webpage.

While minimalism may be all the rage, don’t let that keep you from embracing color if that’s what you love. Your home should be a reflection of your tastes – perhaps with a little inspiration from these accounts.

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