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If you start searching the web for parenting blogs, it seems there are an awful lot of blogs written for moms, but not so many for dads. And yes, while blogs for moms definitely outnumber dad blogs – there are more and more resources for dads on the web than ever before.

Here are five great dad blogs you can check out to see what they have to offer!

  1. Wilderdad: The description on the Wilderdad website reads: 
    • Wilderdad aims to give good dads a break, to throw you a life vest that’ll keep your head afloat in the choppy seas of fatherhood. And man, do they get choppy.
    • Like most guys, I didn’t learn much about parenting from my dad. He came from a long line of dads who had no idea what they were doing. And he passed the tradition down to me.
    • But, like me, you’ve probably learned from your significant other that ignorance doesn’t fly as an excuse anymore. And that’s where Wilderdad comes in.
    • Wilderdad hopes to make fatherhood a little easier and to make you feel like you actually know what you’re doing (sometimes).
  2. Dad of Divas: Dad of Divas was created by Chris Lewis, and he says:
    • My name is Chris Lewis and I am a father of two girls who everyday works to regain control of my kingdom. Is this even possible in a divadom? This blog is dedicated to chronicling my experiences and challenges in being a father as well as providing some food for thought to other dads. History of this Blog – I started writing this blog full time in September 2007 prior to my second daughters’ birth. Since then, the blog has exponentially grown and I have continued to find my groove through both reading and networking with other bloggers as well as writing on a myriad of varying topics. Outside of home I work in Digital Media but also worked in college administration and student affairs for over 20+ years with extensive experience in pre-college planning, admission, advising, and other areas.
  3. Mr. Dad: The “About” section of Mr. Dad says:
    • Hailed by Time Magazine as “the superdad’s superdad,” Armin Brott is a pioneer in the field of fatherhood and has been building better fathers for more than a decade. As the author of eight bestselling books on fatherhood, he’s helped millions of men around the world become the fathers they want to be – and that their children need them to be.
  4. Geek Dad: Geek Dad says: 
    • GeekDad® is a parenting, technology, and culture blog staffed by a diverse team of contributors, working together to inform, educate, and entertain parents everywhere who have a geeky nature and want to raise their kids the same way.
    • The GeekDad blog was started in 2007 by Chris Anderson, who quickly passed the editorial baton (and later the ownership) to Ken Denmead. Along with his core team of editors (Matt Blum, Jonathan Liu, and “Z”), Ken and the whole GeekDad® family has delivered daily content about the things we love as geeks and as parents for over ten years now.
  5. Fathercraft: On the Fathercraft home page, it says:
    • Hi, and welcome. Look, we’ve been there—the cocktail of feelings that comes along with being an expecting dad—excitement, anticipation, fear, uncertainty, maybe even a loss of confidence … and the similar mix of emotions that happens after your baby is born and you’re a new dad: exhaustion, relief, overwhelm, love, joy, pride, more fear…
    • We’ve felt all these things. They’re normal, but that doesn’t make them less real, and the roller coaster less stomach-turning. The way to feel more of the good stuff and less of the less-than-fun feelings is by educating yourself. And that is the goal of this blog (and really this whole site). So, read on and let education be your antidote.

Parenting certainly has its highs and lows – and everyone could use some extra support now and then. If you’re a dad looking for some parenting blogs written just for you – then be sure to check these out!

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