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Ten years ago, who would have thought that the DVD-mailing rental service would become one of the leaders in digital media? Thanks to Netflix, we have more and more people cutting the cable service in favor of Big Red. Thankfully, your Netflix subscription nets you nearly unlimited things to watch, but on the other hand, it can take forever to decide on what to watch. Put that remote down, sit back, and relax, because these are the best shows on Netflix right now.

Marvel’s Daredevil

Up until last year, the Marvel franchise had been fun, but pretty clean-cut and family-friendly. “Marvel’s Daredevil,” which kicked off the partnership between Netflix and the giant comic company, with tons more shows slated for the future. In contrast to the Marvel films like “Iron Man” and “The Avengers,” and especially different from “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on ABC, “Daredevil” is gritty, violent, and just what many Marvel fans were clamoring for. The recently-released second season introduces fan favorite The Punisher in a critically-acclaimed story arc.

House of Cards

Couple-Watching-TV“House of Cards” is a series full of firsts. It was Netflix’s first streaming show, the first online show to really be critically acclaimed, and the first such show to win Emmy nominations. But you shouldn’t be watching it just for its groundbreaking status – it’s also a pulpy, addicting show. While the focus of “House of Cards” is political, don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a borefest. Kevin Spacey gives the performance of a lifetime as a ruthless politician, and the storylines have spooky parallels to our own world, especially notable in this year’s election season.  

Black Mirror

This British show received massive cult acclaim both at home in the U.K. and over here in the States, and Netflix doubled down on its faith in the show by buying a few more seasons of the show to be made in the future. “Black Mirror” is a sci-fi anthology show that focuses on the relationship between people and technology, and every episode tells a new story. Think of it like “The Twilight Zone”, only creepier and better-produced.

Fuller House

OK, there are times when you want to watch brooding, thoughtful, sometimes violent shows. Then, there are other times where you just want to relax, turn your brain off a little, and be entertained. Enter “Fuller House”, the revival series of the classic ‘80s sitcom, “Full House”. With its returning characters and plotlines that play out just like you’d expect them to, “Fuller House” doesn’t skip a beat.

PBS Kids Shows

Netflix isn’t just for the grown-ups. It can be a great media center for the kids, too. PBS offers tons of their shows on Netflix, from the new “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” to old classics like “Sesame Street” and “The Magic School Bus”. While the educational content on these shows will vary – it’s suggested you check out parents’ reviews of each show before screening them for your children – you can at least rest easy knowing your kids are in safe hands.

Netflix’s shows are always coming and going, but you can expect the majority of these shows to stick around for a while. That said, if by chance they do get booted off the streaming service, rest assured that you’ll have plenty else to pick from!

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