Best Apps That Can Help You Save Money and Budget Better

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If you’re like most people, between rent, phone bills, car payments, groceries, and other expenses, saving money is no easy feat. Sticking to a budget is made a thousand times more difficult when there are countless apps and services out there that can easily feed an addiction to online shopping! Luckily, there are also plenty of resources and apps out there that can help you to save money, stick to a budget, and be overall more conscious about your buying habits or purchase decisions. We scoured the App Store and came up with the best money-saving apps available. Get ready to give your wallet a facelift.

One of the first things you’ll want to do if you’re looking to save money or create a budget for yourself is to track your spending. You won’t be able to change your habits if you’re not even sure what your habits are! Get familiar with just how much of your income goes to gas, groceries, dining out, etc., with Mint. Mint is probably the most popular money-saving app there is, and for good reason. With Mint, you can not only track your spending effortlessly, but you can also pay your bills and check your credit score right from the app. The interface of the app is simple, easy to use, and goes in just enough detail for you to make informed decisions, without being overwhelming.

Another good budgeting app is called PocketGuard, and it works by connecting directly to your bank account to give you a real-time summary of your finances. It’s simple: the app tells you at a glance how much money you have in your pocket to spend, and how much you’ve spent. It takes into account your spending habits, bill payments, and where your money goes in order to give you feedback and offer a complete summary of your net cash flow.

Now, of course if you are already in a tough financial spot, and you’ve managed to rack up some debt, then budgeting can only get you so far. Budgeting is a great habit, and while it’s never too late to begin, you should be taking action to lower your existing debts as well. That’s where You Need a Budget comes in. YNAB works to help lower your debt by forcing you to live within your means. Rather than allow you to set a budget, it creates a financial plan for you based on your income. It has a built in accountability feature that helps you get back to balancing your budget should you get off track. Because of this, YNAB is great for those of us who find self-discipline a never-ending battle. It works on the principle that if you can change your habits, you can make a change.

What is the best app for saving money, you ask? Don’t worry; there’s one of those, too. Behold, Acorns: the best way to automate your saving habits so that you don’t even have to think about it. Acorns works in a simple, and genius way. Each time you make a purchase, Acorns rounds up the amount to the nearest dollar, and saves the difference. Those pennies, nickels, and dimes are put away for safe keeping without you ever actively putting money aside. The best part is, most Acorn users don’t even notice the change coming out—but what a great way to accumulate a small savings fund for a rainy day!

If you’ve struggled with saving money, getting out of debt, or tracking your expenses, then you’ll be relieved to know that getting your personal finances in order has never been easier. With these apps, you can easily improve your spending habits and get right back on track to your budget!

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