4th of July Crafts

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When the 4th of July rolls around, it seems that everyone across the United States is ready to celebrate our Independence Day. There are barbecues and picnics. Fireworks light up the sky. Kids run around with sparklers in the darkness.

And it’s a great holiday to get the kids crafting! There are so many fun crafts that children can make to celebrate the day that you may want to get a head start before the 4th of July.

  • Printable Pinwheels: These cute little pinwheels are patriotic and a great project for kids. Kids can carry them around, hand them out to family and friends, or use them as decorations in flower pots or around the picnic table. Alpha Mom has provided a free printable and suggests printing on cardstock to make it a bit sturdier. 
  • 4th of July Printable Wand Craft: Here’s another fun printable! Five mix-and-match designs can be printed, and then your kids can color them with markers, paint, or crayons to make some wands (also great for a 4th of July centerpiece). Angela, from Projects with Kids, also suggests adding little bells to these to turn them into noisemakers. (You can purchase mini gold liberty bells here.)
  • Easy Paper Plate Patriotic Wreath: Let the kids make this Easy Paper Plate Patriotic Wreath to hang on their bedroom doors or on the kitchen windows. It is easy – even for little hands – and requires just a few simple crafting supplies. (Your local dollar store probably has most of them – if you don’t have them at home currently.)
  • Egg Carton American Flag: This project has the kids recycling those 18-count egg cartons and turning them into mini-American flags. Yes, it involves paint, but you can always move this craft outside on a nice day if you’re worried that it might get a little messy.
  • Patriotic Flower Pot: Summer is the perfect time to give children a little responsibility – so why not put them in charge of taking care of a plant? They can make this Patriotic Flower Pot – or really create any red, white, and blue flower pot – and then plant a little vegetable or flower. Make sure you add “Water your plant” to their list of chores!
  • DIY Patriotic Tic Tac Toe Game: How about making a craft that can then be used to keep the kids entertained? This DIY Patriotic Tic Tac Toe Game will do just that! This one uses birchwood slices (which can be found on Amazon or your local craft store), but you could easily substitute in smooth rocks – and you could even make an adventure out of finding the rocks! 
  • Uncle Sam Craft: If you want to take some cute photos of your children looking like Uncle Sam, then have them make this Uncle Sam mask. That cotton ball beard makes the mask!
  • Patriotic Windsock: These Patriotic Windsocks will look adorable swaying in a light breeze on the 4th of July. Kids of all ages can make these!
  • Bonfire Night Rockets: If you have kids who love the fireworks that come with Independence Day, then let them make these Bonfire Night Rockets. They’re super cute and can be filled with a few candies or treats to make them extra special.
  • Statue of Liberty Crown and Torch: Here’s another great set of props for photos! This Statue of Liberty Crown and Torch requires:
    • Paper plates (at least 4)
    • Scissors
    • Tape
    • Paint and paintbrushes
    • Glitter glue (options – but fun!)
    • Toilet paper roll
    • You probably have most of these things already!

If you’ll be getting together with family or friends for the 4th of July, why not set up a crafting table and let the little ones make a few of these patriotic crafts? They’ll have lots of fun making crafts to celebrate Independence Day!

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